As a Retailer, how do I beneficially and tangibly put iBeacon technology at work?

fountain[To know more about iBeacon tech applied to Retail & Marketing, feel free to download my white-paper titled “iBeacon-Bible” from]

In this Post we have two roles, the Shopper and the Retailer (…I’m the Retailer…).
The Shopper installed my iBeacon-enabled branded App on her smartphone and registered using her loyalty-card – therefore my App knows who she is; in particular the App will be able to leverage three fundamental categories of very valuable information Continue reading

iBeacon technology OS support: Android vs. iOS

iBeacon technology support Android- iOSAndroid and iOS have different behaviours regarding iBeacon technology: feel free to download my infographic to know more.

To download it, Continue reading

Download my updated “iBeacon Bible 2.0″…

iBeacon Bible 2.0 iBeacon technology allows precise, contextual interaction/engagement and indoor geo-location for mobile devices.

I’ve been working on this valuable technology since December 2013, and I am very impressed: there are a lot of valuable potential business applications – especially in Retail, Marketing, Logistics, etc.

iBeacons Bible 2.0
I’d like to share my knowledge about iBeacons, so I am freely releasing my updated “iBeacon Bible 2.0Continue reading

“Getting Started with iBeacon” from Apple…

Getting Started with iBeaconEven if in the recent WWDC (Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference) iBeacon tech was a bit neglected, it doesn’t mean that Apple don’t believe in this awesome technology.

Actually, quite the opposite – they just published Continue reading

Location-based App suggestions in iOS 8…

location-appNews from recent Apple WWDC 2014: apparently Apple added a new functionality in iOS 8 that shows Continue reading