Retail Bullet Points: …about your Physical store as the only true product-value amplifier for your brand/brands…

Retail Bullet Points

We already know that, as ecommerce is booming, traditional brick-and-mortar stores are losing their exclusive role of distribution-points for goods.

As a result:

  • many traditional retailers are in (deep) trouble
  • a few others are going (very) well

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Retail Bullet Points: …about moving money from offline (brick-and-mortar stores) to online (e-commerce & Co.)

Retail Bullet Points

Where is the money going and why?

As ecommerce is becoming widespread, a lot of money (coming from shoppers) is moving from:

  • offline (traditional brick-and-mortar stores)


  • online (modern e-commerce)



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Retail Bullet Points: …about the misalignment between the (modern) purchase-process and the (traditional) sales-process

Retail Bullet Points

The purchase-process is evolving: why?

My simple, indisputable idea: consumers’ behavior is changing, the purchase-process is definitely and significantly different compared to the purchase-process of 10 years ago:

  • today only around 90% of sales are completed in-store – so brick-and-mortar stores are essential since it’s in-store that the vast majority of purchases occur
  • a hell of a 10% of sales takes place online, through ecommerce websites and mobile apps – so ecommerce is very important, it’s growing like hell, and is still accelerating

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Retail Bullet points…

Retail Bullet Points

Quick thoughts on Retail (omni-channel, loyalty, in-store technologies, digital, shopping experience and so on) for those too busy to read long Posts.

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Let’s think ahead… …about the future “DIVERGENCE” of shopping…!

“DIVERGENCE” of shopping

In the future (…near or far? …time will tell…) we will have two radically different types of shopping:

  • shopping for everyday items
  • shopping for specific, glamorous, out-of-the-ordinary items

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