The “future supermarket” at Expo2015… (…with many photos)

Hidden inside Expo2015, Milan’s food-themed World Fair(*), you can visit Coop’s(**) prototype of the “future supermarket”.

(*): Expo is huge, it extends over 1.1 million square meters of exhibition area

(**): Italy’s largest grocery retailer

This 2,500sq.m. supermarket fully functional prototype (designed by Italian design firm Carlo Ratti Associati) explores how advanced digital technologies can change the way people interact with products while shopping.

Actually, how will the supermarket of the future look? …since an image is worth 1.000 words, feel free to look at the following photos (by Daniela Pivato, Andy Cavallini) – I added some thoughts below… Continue reading

[Preview#7] The new role of the Store-associate…

RetailStore-associates are unquestionably at the center of the physical store experience, representing the retailer, its values and the brands/products sold; that’s why one of the most important rules in retail states: “How sales personnel engage shoppers can make or break a retail store.

Dear Retailers, how those interactions go will in the end determine if Continue reading

Sam Walton’s business model for Walmart…

Sam Walton - WalmartSam Walton built a business, Walmart, that is now the biggest retailer in the world.

That’s remarkable, isn’t it? (…by the way, Walmart is also the biggest company in the world…!). Continue reading

[Preview#6] The traditional shopping-process is probably flawed…!

RetailIn my latest Preview  I promised I would show how and why the traditional shopping-process is probably flawed.

Let’s talk about it using a couple of general, clear-cut Use Cases.

First Use Casean example of the traditional (flawed) shopping-process: Continue reading

[Preview#5] How to EFFICIENTLY/EFFECTIVELY employ (Mobile) tech in Retail…

RetailIn my latest Preview I talked about How to NOT employ (Mobile) tech in Retail… …and, as a side-effect, a couple of false myths were gracefully debunked.

Let’s now talk about how retailers can otherwise efficiently and effectively leverage Mobile tech – specifically in-store – to get tangible business results (…and be happy!). Continue reading