Traditional brick-and-mortar Retail: Retailer/Manufacturer rules of engagement…

RetailFirst rule: shelf space is priceless…

Retail shelf space is a scarce resource and as such, it’s absolutely invaluable; unlike in the virtual world of online retail, space is VERY limited in brick and mortar stores, and each square foot is expected to make a certain profit (I’ll tell you a secret: Retailers don’t make money selling products to consumers, they make money selling “space” to Manufacturers –they are landlords…). Continue reading

Is Google entering Retail…?

Google in Retail?From 

Google has launched what it calls a “world-first smartphone experience” in central London as the search giant looks to cement its presence on the high street. Continue reading

Product evolution: adding new functionalities…

Gaia-MatrixMany thanks to Neil Postman for his “Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change” (talk delivered in Denver, Colorado – March 28, 1998)

First thing: “All technological change is a trade-off: technology giveth and technology taketh away.”

When you add a new functionality to your product, at the same time you unquestionably deprive your users of something – even if you don’t realise it… Continue reading

Five pains about point-rewards loyalty programs…

Point-rewards loyalty programs




Here we go with pains about point-rewards loyalty programs…

Your point-rewards loyalty program resembles those of your competitors…!!!

In general, from the point of view of Shoppers, all point-rewards loyalty programs feel alike – the Shopper knows that she will be rewarded later for what she buys now… (…and the more she buys, the more she will be rewarded…).
“Just for you” special gifts? Personalized promos?
Tell you what: it’s just white-noise… Continue reading

Some thoughts after NRF 2015 (the National Retail Federation show)

NRF-2015What are NRF 2015  …hottest topics?

I got my hands on NRF 2015 program and grouped conference-sessions by significant topics.

I then ranked the resulting groups to understand what’s currently hot for Retailers; what came out is Continue reading