My “iBeacon Bible 3.0″ will be available soon…!

URIbeacon miniIn September I’ll share version 3.0 of my “iBeacon Bible” – please stay tuned…

…and feel free to visit again to know more.

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[Preview#10] Omni-channel integration additional thoughts…

RetailWe know that today consumers follow a dynamic, multi-faceted shopping journey, where they interact with various touch-points – stores, desktop & mobile websites, social media, Mobile Apps, etc.; this is what we define as an omni-channel environment, a new paradigm that has strong impacts on the shopping behavior and, consequently, on the selling process.

The point is, can retailers born to meet the consumers’ needs of the 20th century remain relevant in 21st?

…I’m afraid this is a subject that keeps a lot of people awake at night…

Too often omni-channel is described at a very abstract level; I prefer to be more practical and focus on Continue reading

[Preview#9] Evaluating retail physical stores influenced e-sales… …any suggestion?

RetailAs retailers perfectly know, store floor space is a scarce resource and as such, it’s absolutely invaluable.

Unlike in the virtual world of online retail where space is not a factor, in brick and mortar stores each square foot is expected to Continue reading

[Preview#8] Retail analytics tools and ACTIONABLE insights…

RetailI recently heard that “…most retailers make decisions (about assortments, prices, promotions, etc.) by either guessing or using their gut… …therefore they will be either lucky or wrong…!”

Dear Retailers, I sure do not think that way: quite the contrary, I personally worked with Continue reading

The “future supermarket” at Expo2015… (…with many photos)

Hidden inside Expo2015, Milan’s food-themed World Fair(*), you can visit Coop’s(**) prototype of the “future supermarket”.

(*): Expo is huge, it extends over 1.1 million square meters of exhibition area

(**): Italy’s largest grocery retailer

This 2,500sq.m. supermarket fully functional prototype (designed by Italian design firm Carlo Ratti Associati) explores how advanced digital technologies can change the way people interact with products while shopping.

Actually, how will the supermarket of the future look? …since an image is worth 1.000 words, feel free to look at the following photos (by Daniela Pivato, Andy Cavallini) – I added some thoughts below… Continue reading