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My new ebook: “RETAIL Stories“

As a phoenix obtains new life by arising animation-1from the ashes of its predecessor, so my new ebook “RETAIL Stories“ arises from the ashes of my white-paper (“The importance of brick-and-mortar stores in an omni-channel world… …and other stories“).

[…just to be crystal-clear: it’s an ebook, it’s free, I’m not selling anything…]

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Retail is a world apart

retaildombulletRetailers are unusual businesses, you know – they’re really a world apart…

If you come from other industries (energy, financial services, manufacturing, whatever), moving to retail and settling-in can be a slow and quite painful process – you don’t just need to learn the ropes, you are actually in for a completely change of (professional) mindset: you’ll be presented with Continue reading