Download “iBeacons Bible 1.0”

iBeaconsiBeacon technology allows precise, contextual interaction/engagement and indoor geo-location for Apple and Android mobile devices.

I’ve been working on this valuable technology for a couple of months, and I am very impressed: there are a lot of valuable potential business applications – especially in Retail, Marketing, Logistics, etc.

iBeacons Bible 1.0
I’d like to share my knowledge about iBeacons, so I am freely releasing my iBeacons Bible 1.0:  it’s an introduction to iBeacons technology (both from a business  and a technical point of view) that includes also many Use Cases (and much more!).

Download it clicking on: iBeacons Bible 1.0

Feel free to comment or write to  (your feedbacks are very appreciated).

Andy Cavallini (

PS: please don’t hesitate to share the “iBeacons Bible 1.0” with your friends and colleagues.


12 responses to “Download “iBeacons Bible 1.0”

  1. Here we have a positive review of my ‘iBeacon Bible’:
    “Hey Andy, I was just reading your document, the ‘iBeacon Bible’ and thought it was very well done. I spend a lot of time talking to people about iBeacon technology, Bluetooth LE, etc., and I thought your piece was excellent.” – David Cunningham, Co-founder The Code Project – Canada

    Thank you very much, David!

    Another one?
    “Oh! I know the Bible well – great great work!!” – Doug Thompson, “BEEKn” publisher

    Thanks a lot, Doug!

    One more…

    “I just wanted to say thank you for publishing the iBeacon Bible.
    It’s really helped me to craft a better conversation with my clients along with communicating ideas & concepts better with my engineers.” – Alexander Kim, VP Mobile Partnerships, Blue Bite

    I appreciate it, Kim!

    A comment about iBeacon tech in general…
    “Wow! this technology let’s our mobile devices work for us.” – Jeffrey Voda, President, Mobile ADictZ Technologies

    Another positive comment…
    “Your Gaia-Matrix website on iBeacons and iBeacon Bible is the most helpful I have seen.” – Sean Kenealy, Sales Marketing Manager, Google360

    “I downloaded the ‘iBeacons Guide 1.0’ and I’m impressed by the huge amount of useful information it delivers. It’s more than just overview of the iBeacon technology , It’s an enabler. Great guide Andy.” – Marco Dini, Software Engineer, Telepass S.p.A.

  2. I am very proud to announce that my “iBeacon Bible” is available also on The Code Project:


  3. Andy
    Excellent document, very readable and clear. You enthusiasm for retail applications is understandable but is the need to download apps on a per retailer basis, a tad intrusive. If i visit a major mall there may be well over 100 stores, all looking for me to engage with them. Push technology is potentially intrusive – the pull technology of NFC offers choice and preference maybe? So horses for courses, compatible rather than competitive?

    • Hi Barry, thank you for your comments.
      I agree with you, there are (at least) two major issues with iBeacon technology: fragmentation (an App for each retailer, plus Apps from specific brands – “How many App do I have to install???”) and push-notification “bombing” (if I shop in a Mall, after receiving the fourth notification, I surely switch off Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, whatever…).

      The solution?
      Retailers must (MUST!) act responsably, with good-sense and respect for shoppers.


  4. Hey Andy,
    Is the “iBeacon Bible” is still downloadable?
    It’s didn’t work for me..


  5. Thanks Andy Share the information about ibeacons bible….

    • Hey Andy

      Read your ibeacon bible back in March and we exchanged some brief observations. Much moving on since then as we have built our own version of ibeacon – we call it Blu-Beam – and the one thing we have learned is the need for Security, as you yourself have highlighted. Hacking and harvesting are both potentially damaging to out there beacons and this video by the BBC ( just serves to emphasise the problem. In this case, it was just a music overwrite, but it could be much more mischievous and damaging to our retailer!!
      If you like, I will highlight some non retail applications we are being presented with, to broaden the discussion.

      Keep up the good work


      [ARL Logo]
      Barry Deadman
      Head of Business Development
      ARL Mobile Ltd | +44 (0) 7901 063333 |

  6. Andy, when did you write iBeacons Bible 1.0? I need to cite.

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