Is iBeacon technology the future of retail ? (with white-paper download)

iBeacon1iBeacon technology is a feature hidden in millions of Apple and Android mobile devices (recent iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One, etc.) which uses battery-friendly Bluetooth Low Energy signals to enable indoor micro-location services and to trigger specific actions within Apps.

This technology – implemented in a retail setting – allows to track shoppers and positively engage them, improving their shopping experience. Think of in-store effective contextual personalized promotions and customer-behaviour monitoring – a marketer’s dream coming true.

It’s also a initial step to… …combine the online sales channel (e-commerce) with the offline ones such as in-store traditional purchasing, Self Check-out (SCO), Self-scanning, etc.  Hence iBeacons significantly support Multi-channel/Cross-channel integration.

Is it a fad?

No, I don’t think so – iBeacon technology is an innovation that holds a lot of promise and that will probably continue to make waves in the retail industry for a long time to come.

To know more about iBeacon technology, freely download my “iBeacons technology Bible 1.0” from

Andy Cavallini

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