Reaching shoppers in-store, at that critical moment of decision…

iBeaconsThink about a technology able to beam advertisements to people’s smartphones at the precise moment they’re standing in aisle nine, wondering which brand of sneakers to buy.

This technology exists and it’s currently available, its name is iBeacon technology

A Use Case is worth 1.000 words…

Let’s pretend that Joe is a shoes store-owner and that Jane is a loyal shopper who installed Joe’s store iBeacon-enabled App on her iPhone (or Galaxy S3).

Jane is visiting Joe’s store; an iBeacon mounted under a store-shelf will alert Jane’s iPhone that she (Jane, loyalty-card #28746) is in a particular physical location, for example in front of Nike shoes, and allows Joe to monitor her behaviour (for how long is she looking at Nike shoes?).

Thanks to this technology, Joe is able to serve Jane customized offers (for example a discount-coupon for Nike shoes) according to her behaviour, shopping history, etc.

Actually that’s just the tip of the iceberg – there is a lot more Joe could do using iBeacon technology.

To know more about iBeacon technology (and to read more Use Cases), don’t hesitate to download my white-paper titled “iBeacon technology Bible 1.0“ clicking on:

Andy Cavallini (



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