Is location-based marketing the valuable intersection of people, places and products?

indoor-locationBrands and retailers are starting to understand the opportunities coming with indoor-location and off-line analytics; in its “Mapping the Indoor Marketing Opportunity” report, Opus Research states that this segment will be worth over  $10billion in the US by 2018.

It’s a plausible prediction, because indoors (…meaning “in-store”…) is where we interact with people and products, and spend money – in other words, where business takes place.

Mobile devices in general, and smartphones in particular, are instrumental for indoor positioning, shopper-behaviour monitoring, customer targeting and engagement – especially if iBeacon technology is employed (to know more about this new tech and its advantages and disadvantages, feel free to download my white-paper titled “The iBeacon Bible” from

Contextual marketing” is finally becoming a reality; this means having the extraordinary opportunity to influence consumer-buying in-store, at the aisle-level – that is, well before the shoppers reach the tills.

This new approach is not years away: an increasing number of important retailers are currently carrying out trial with iBeacons, for example Apple (in many Apple Stores world-wide) and American Eagle; results are very, very encouraging.

Andy Cavallini (



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