A short description of my iBeacon technology (retail) Proof-of-Concept…

iBeacon tech Proof-of-conceptLet’s talk about my iBeacon technology (retail) Proof-of-Concept.

First of all, let’s define the main goal – I describe it in the following terms: “…focusing on retailers, measure interest for Contextual Marketing (micro-location/interaction/engagement) solutions based on iBeacon technology…”.

In other words, is iBeacon technology appealing to retailers? Are they going to potentially invest in this technology?

Overly “strategic”? No, I don’t think so – I favor a “top-down” approach.
Consider also that the recipients of my POC are “business” people, not technical ones.

There are also secondary goals: building, for instance, a short-list of providers of iBeacon technology cloud-based-platforms (iBeacon-configuration, contextual CMS, Analytics, etc.) and related SDKs (for both iOS and Android).
Another one? Further improving my knowledge about iBeacon technology, of course.

Let’s move from theory to practice: the Proof-of-concept implementation.

I built a working (again, WORKING) demo to show how iBeacon technology “minimally” (but tangibly) is employed in a retail environment – no Powerpoint, no slides, thanks…

I simulate a shopping-session using three iBeacons; as a shopper, I enter my (simulated) store and am immediately welcomed by a self-starting iBeacon-enabled App installed on my Android/iOS Mobile device (I use an iPad Air) that senses iBeacon #1; I’m served an offer, for example a discount coupon.

I later browse the (simulated) “T-shirt aisle” and receive – thanks to my iPad and iBeacon #2 – a product-specific offer (e.g. a discount coupon for black T-shirts) and additional info about the product: “Tom Cruise wears this same black T-shirt in Top Gun!”.

Leaving the (simulated) store, I receive – thanks to my iPad and iBeacon #3 – a “Thank-you-and-come-back-soon” message, together with my loyalty-card updated (and simulated) point-balance.

Please note: when I installed my iBeacon-enabled App, I registered using my (mock) loyalty-card; my App therefore knows who I am, my (simulated) point-balance, how old I am, my gender, my (simulated) shopping-history, etc.

Two important points:

– all offers and content served by my iBeacon-enabled Mobile App can be updated in real-time using a contextual CMS (Content Management System), available through a cloud-based iBeacon platform

– real-time info about my (simulated) shopping-session are gathered, shown and analyzed using an Analytics application integrated in the cloud-based iBeacon platform

Questions? Comments?
Curious about my Proof-of-concept results?

Stay tuned on http://www.gaia-matrix.com

Andy Cavallini (andy.cavallini@gaia-matrix.com)



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