Innovative customer-behaviour data-analytics tools (…because iBeacons are coming!)

iBeacon Analytics   In Retail there’s no scarcity of data, companies “that sell” have been amassing it for decades – think of purchase-stats, loyalty-profiles, financials and so on.

In recent years Ecommerce sites, above all, are data-hydrants that retailers have trouble to drink from: mouse-clicks, abandoned-carts, visited-pages, etc. have been challenging the capacity of even modern, performing Business Intelligence/Reporting/Big Data solutions.

Next analytics hurdle after Ecommerce?

iBeacons, the emerging technology that allows monitoring in-store real-time customer-behaviour through shoppers’ smartphones [to know more about iBeacons, feel free to download my white-paper titled “iBeacon Bible” from my blog site:].

Now, due to iBeacon tech, detailed, granular data about in-store walk-paths (and a lot of other shopper-actions) will congest even the most advanced Big Data analytics systems, making the work of Business-analysts – in simple words, going from raw data to useful business insights – very, very hard.

New, more effective (retail-focused?) analytics solutions are needed: tools able to easily, rapidly and intuitively interpret huge quantities of real-time data-points to extract timely and actionable information.

The goal is to make data more readily accessible not only to Business-analysts, but even to store personnel (those that interact with shoppers every day), enabling them to quickly and successfully work with data through a simple interface that removes the necessity to learning SQL or other complex Big Data querying methods.

At the same time, the integration with existing BI/Reporting/Big Data solutions could prove to be very beneficial, allowing all users to ingest, clean-up, search, distil and visualize data within a single (and possibly familiar) platform.

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