Three enemies of iBeacon technology in Retail… (and how to defeat them!)

iBeacon technologyNumber one enemy of iBeacon technology, the deal-breaker, will be the fragmentation on the Consumer/User side, that is, too, too many Apps to be installed (one for each store/shopping mall/chain of petrol stations/supermarket/brand/…).
Remember the hated “accordion wallet” stuffed to capacity with colored loyalty-cards?
…it sucked…

Enemy number two of iBeacon technology, the guarantee of failure, is the fragmentation on the iBeacon-platform side (the platform is the back-end solution that allows Manufacturers/Distributors to manage the content to be conveyed to individual Consumers/Users through their smartphones, plus interaction, monitoring, etc.).
The scenario? …a big heap of iBeacon-platforms to choose from (all different and all incompatible with each other), to be integrated somehow with the tetris-like pile of (heavily customized) systems that each Manufacturer/Distributor has been using for more than 20 years.

Finally, enemy #3 (the one that will cause iBeacon tech untimely death) is the frenzy with which Manufacturers/Distributors will bomb Consumers/Users with targeted promotions; this will lead to a premature mass uninstallation of any Mobile App that even apparently uses Bluetooth Low Energy, geo-location and notifications.

…are you scared enough?

Enemy number one can be certainly defeated by Apple and Google: Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet must converge and be compatible with each other.

Enemy number two will be beaten by a (…still un-identified…) iBeacon tech market-leader, whose iBeacon-platform solution will become very popular thanks to its ability to easily integrate with legacy systems.
Please note: later this unrevealed market-leader will be acquired by Apple, Google, Oracle, Salesforce or SAP (SAP???).

Enemy number three?
…sorry, nothing can defeat the lack of common sense…

PS: wish to know more about iBeacon technology?
Feel free to download my white-paper titled “iBeacon Bible” from

Andy Cavallini (



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