Dear Retailers, fancy some intelligent Location-based Marketing…? (…iBeacons are included!)

iBeaconLocation-based Marketing is about reaching consumers in the right place and at the right time with interactive content, media and services adapted to an individual’s current physical location.

More easily said than done: how do you practically and effectively do it?

Mobile devices in general, and smartphones in particular, are instrumental for indoor positioning, shopper-behaviour monitoring, customer targeting and engagement – especially if iBeacon technology is employed (to know more about this new tech and its advantages and disadvantages, feel free to download my white-paper titled “The iBeacon Bible” from

That said, we (consumers) have to be prepared for a proliferation of geo-localized, iBeacon-enabled Mobile Apps – “ideally” one for each store/shopping mall/chain of petrol stations/supermarket/… we frequent.

Will our smartphones be colonized by retailers?

Actually, the right question is, will we allow it to happen? (…in an earlier Post I wrote: “Remember the hated ‘accordion wallet’ stuffed to capacity with colored loyalty-cards?”…).

We (consumers) are going to differentiate between the retailers we truly feel like hearing from and those we’d rather not – therefore we’ll decide which Apps to install, keep or remove.

It’s that simple!

As Jason Anderson brilliantly said on LinkedIn, “…the success of any advertising [Location-based Marketing included] is grounded in trust – and trust is non-negotiable. If you don’t trust the advertiser, you almost always refuse to interact with that company, much less buy their products. Bernie Madoff investment advice, anyone?”.

Dear Retailers, please, PLEASE, make every effort to be trustworthy – it’s in your own best interest.

Another point is: will these iBeacon-enabled Apps be all the same? I fear that I’m going to receive tons and tons of tedious notifications like “Andy, if you buy product X now (it’s on the shelf in front of you!), you’ll get an additional 10% discount, just because it’s you.” and nothing more – what a bore!

The exceptions – those few Apps able to separate themselves from the pack – will effectively improve my shopping-experience; the rule is: “…provide enough value, and (probably) they will come…” – if in doubt, dear Retailers, don’t be afraid to ask.

And while we’re at, dear Retailers, please, PLEASE, be aware that bombing us with a frenzy of targeted promotions will lead to a premature mass uninstallation of any Mobile App that even apparently uses Bluetooth Low Energy, geo-location and notifications –  it’s not a threat, it’s a promise…

Andy Cavallini (



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