As a Retailer, how do I beneficially and tangibly put iBeacon technology at work?

fountain[To know more about iBeacon tech applied to Retail & Marketing, feel free to download my white-paper titled “iBeacon-Bible” from]

In this Post we have two roles, the Shopper and the Retailer (…I’m the Retailer…).
The Shopper installed my iBeacon-enabled branded App on her smartphone and registered using her loyalty-card – therefore my App knows who she is; in particular the App will be able to leverage three fundamental categories of very valuable information:

  • Personal information (e.g. age, gender, address, etc.)
  • Shopping-history and related info (what she purchased in the past, where and when (including my ecommerce site!), loyalty point-balance, etc.)
  • Real-time shopping behaviour (e.g. footpaths, interactions with the App, etc.)

As a Retailer, what is my strategy to beneficially put iBeacon technology at work? …it’s actually one of the goals of many pilots currently underway in many retail-chains all over the world…

In my experience the best approach is to have the entrance area covered by one iBeacon and the till area covered by another one, if possible; on the sales floor I have a limited number of iBeacons (no more than four or five) covering specific areas related to specific marketing promotions – my plan is to start with one, get some practice, then add another iBeacon later, and so on (…I prefer going step by step…).

About those marketing promos: I do my best to differentiate them by shopper-segment, where segments are initially based just on age (two or three ranges) and gender; the areas involved should be as far apart as possible, to avoid iBeacon-signals overlapping as much as possible.

This strategy will help limiting the number of notifications on the shopper’s smartphone: two or three is ok, four is definitely one too much…

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