Download my updated “Beacon Bible 3.0″

Beacon technology allows precise, contextual interaction/engagement and indoor geo-location for mobile devices; I’ve been working on this valuable technology applied to Retail since December 2013, and I am very impressed: there are a lot of valuable potential in-store business applications.

Beacon Bible 3.0
I’d like to share my knowledge about Beacons, so I am freely releasing my updated “Beacon Bible 3.0“:it’s an introduction to Beacon technology (both from a business and a technical point of view) that includes also many Use Cases (and much more!).

I updated version 2.0 with content about Google EddyStone Beacons – my “Beacon Bible 3.0” can be valuable if you’re involved in this technology or just want to know more.

Download it clicking on: Beacon Bible 3.0

Feel free to comment or write to (your feedbacks are very appreciated!).

Andy Cavallini



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