Potential issues regarding the launch of your branded Mobile App


As a Retailer (…or brand…), are you evaluating the launch of your branded Mobile App?

Before everything else, consider the following potential issues.

Issue #1 – App installation

Maybe your shoppers are going to install your App on their smartphones, or maybe not:

  • in a perfect world, shoppers install a branded App for each retailer (…store/shopping mall/chain of petrol stations/supermarket/…) they visit
  • in the real world, a selection necessarily takes place, and only those Apps that are definitely valuable to shoppers (…those that tangibly improve their shopping-experience…) survive

Please, verify that your App does what your shoppers really need.

Issue #2 – App configuration

Once installed, your App needs to be configured by the shopper, for example:

  • link it to your (the retailer’s) loyalty-program
  • do opt-ins, typically accept/activate:
    • geo-location
    • notifications
    • Bluetooth (for iBeacons)
    • privacy-rules

Please, do your best to make your App configuration process as smooth-and-simple as possible.

Issue #3 – Troubleshooting & support

No two smartphones are the same: they’ve different Operative Systems, different versions of the Operative System, different hardware, etc., so expect some troubles.

Please, think about putting in place some minimal user-support:

  • are store-employees able to answer “technical” questions about your App and Mobile devices?
  • are they able to do some troubleshooting?


Issue #4 – Back-end integration

To be effective, a retailer’s Mobile App has to be thoroughly integrated with the retailer’s IT system.

This is a strong requirement because information offered by your App must be updated in        real-time; think of:

  • stock-availability
  • flash-promotions
  • loyalty point-balance

Please, make sure that your IT systems are equipped to effectively serve connected, Mobile consumers.

Andy Cavallini




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