In-store assisted selling using cutting-edge Mobile POS solutions


When I think of valuable retail Mobile technologies, it’s not the shopper’s smartphone with your branded Apps installed on, but a cutting-edge Mobile POS solution in the hands of your Store-associates; I’m talking about replacing the traditional desk-bound POS stations with retailer-grade Mobile POS solutions (fully integrated with the IT back-end) based on tablets or smartphones.

The final goal is to enhance the shopping-experience:

  • with personalized interactions on the shop-floor
  • during the most important phases of the shopping process

Using Mobile POS solutions, Store-associates are able to have an in-store “anytime, anywhere“ full view of:

  • the shopper and her purchase history, habits, personal info, …
  • products, prices, promotions, sales data, real-time inventory levels, …
  • other valuable, always-up-to-date, “operational” info, for example work schedules, alerts, training & HR related material, …

The Store-associate is so able to relate with the shopper in a personal and informed way, and is empowered to provide helpful advice and significant product recommendations – this is what I call a rich, consultative sales approach; all of this occurs on the shop-floor, where and when the buying decision is made – not afterwards at the checkout desk, when it is too late; a Mobile POS solution has another big advantage: it allows to complete the purchase (including payment, receipt-print, etc.) straight-away on the shop-floor.

The following diagram describes a simple, “futuristic” scenario supported by a Mobile POS solution:


Andy Cavallini





One response to “In-store assisted selling using cutting-edge Mobile POS solutions

  1. It is great that this post dedicates a lot of insights on customer behavior. Recently I have been researching how change in customer shopping and experience expectations influence the way retailers change their operations to deliver a customer-centric journey. Here are my thoughts: I will be happy to discuss, S.

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