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Download my updated “Beacon Bible 3.0″

Beacon technology allows precise, contextual interaction/engagement and indoor geo-location for mobile devices; I’ve been working on this valuable technology applied to Retail since December 2013, and I am very impressed: there are a lot of valuable potential in-store business applications.

Beacon Bible 3.0
I’d like to share my knowledge about Beacons, so I am freely releasing my updated “Beacon Bible 3.0“: Continue reading


Eddystone-enabled Chrome for iOS – how does it work?

Chrome version 44 for iOS (available in the App Store at the time of writing) is the first Eddystone-enabled Mobile web-browser, bringing Beacons to the Continue reading

Video – Conversation: iBeacon tech and Retail

Video - Conversation - iBeacon technology and Retail

Click on http://youtu.be/fBwyxPONG-w to watch my new video Continue reading

Innovative customer-behaviour data-analytics tools (…because iBeacons are coming!)

iBeacon Analytics   In Retail there’s no scarcity of data, companies “that sell” have been amassing it for decades – think of purchase-stats, loyalty-profiles, financials and so on.

In recent years Ecommerce sites, above all, are data-hydrants that retailers have trouble to drink from: mouse-clicks, abandoned-carts, visited-pages, etc. have been challenging the capacity of even modern, performing Business Intelligence/Reporting/Big Data solutions.

Next analytics hurdle after Ecommerce?

iBeacons, the emerging technology that Continue reading